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Hi, Iím Diana, owner and operator of Pawsitter LLC. My whole life I have been drawn to animals and enjoyed spending time caring for them. Through out the years our house has been home to a variety of critters, including cats, dogs, rats, hamsters, and tropical fish. Over ten years ago, I started volunteering for a local rescue group and have spent many volunteer hours working with both their cats and dogs.

After years working in the electronics industry, I decided to turn my passion for pets into a career, and so Pawsitter LLC was born. As someone who has used pet sitters in the past , I understand the need to feel that your beloved, furry, family members are being well cared for when you canít be with them. I know the peace of mind that a caring pet sitter can provide and it is my promise that I will care for your pets as though they are my own, while you are away.

I currently live with 3 cats, Max, Bode, and Sonya (and a very patient and understanding husband). All of my cats are past ten years old; Sonya is a very active 17 years old. Because of this, I understand the challenges of caring for geriatric pets and have become skilled at administering medications and treatments that help to make them comfortable and healthy as they age. We recently lost our dog Simon to cancer and miss him everyday. He taught me the joy and completeness a dog can bring to your life.

I look forward to meeting and caring for the special pets in your life.

Our Boy Bode

Our Boy Max

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Simon - We miss you!

Sonya (The Princess)

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