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Pet Sitting Services Offered

We service Gilbert, Chandler and Mesa, Arizona and we are fully insured.

We are committed to giving professional, respectful, attentive loving care to your pets. We will customize our services to fit you and your pets needs. Several of our services are listed below. Please feel free to inquire about additional services.

Pet sitting house call includes:

A regular visit is a 1/2 hour

bullet playing
bullet providing the pets with their meals
bullet serving fresh water
bullet exercising the pets
bullet scooping the litter box
bullet picking up after the dogs on a walk
bullet brushing or combing
bullet administering medication & vitamins
bullet playing
bullet your choice of a log or email update of the visits
bullet bringing in the newspaper and mail
bullet turning the lights on or off
bullet opening & shutting the curtains
bullet simple pool or spa care
bullet watering the plants indoor & out
bullet taking the trash & the recycle to the curb
bullet more playing and giving love to your precious pets

House sitting when no pets are home

We will drop by your house to :

bullet bring in the mail, paper & packages
bullet set the garbage out
bullet open & shut curtains, turn on radio
bullet water your garden
bullet water your indoor plants
bullet fill the bird feeders
bullet rotate lights & off

Dog walking:

bullet We will take your wonderful dog for a 1/2 hour walk. We can arrange longer walks. We are flexible and will work with you to tailor your dog's walk needs.
bullet We adhere to leash laws and will not walk dogs "off leash" in parks or open spaces. We want to be considerate of other people, pets & wildlife as well as keep your dog safe. Additionally, our insurance will be void if dogs are unleashed in unfenced, non-sanctioned areas.
bullet Another option is to "let out" your dog. This is a 15 to 20 minute relief house call for those days you are away long hours.

Pet shuttle:

bullet We will transport your pet for you. The cost is a small fee plus mileage. If your pet is kenneled for travel (which is safest) you must provide the kennel. We will pick up & drop off. There are additional charges for attending your pet.


(480) 648-5455


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